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Customer Comments
Below are comments from our valued customers. If you are a customer and would like to submit your own comment, please send a message with a consent to publish your comments on our website, to CustomerCare@ProspectorJewelers.com.

The Prospector is the jewelry store of jewelry stores.  You make great jewelry available to the non-wealthy.  Thanks. 

PS.  I love my new ring

Mark & Joanne
Tim, I've been trying to set some time aside to tell you Joanne received her ear rings. Friday night, I placed the ear rings in the jewelry box that Joanne had for the emeralds, hoping to surprise her. I tried talking her into wearing the dress she bought for our niece's wedding, but she wasn't interested in trying it on. I tried a few other approaches that she also discarded as well. We finished baking cookies for the wedding late that evening. I had stuffed the appraisals in a tote bag that Joanne uses to take her lunch to work. I couldn't hold back the excitement any longer, so I told her the appraisal came in the mail and gave it to her to read. First off, she skipped the last page where the earrings were and stuffed it back into the envelope. She wondered why her watch wasn't on it (of course, it's on the last page with the earrings!), so I told her to read it again. She looked at the last page and was thrilled to see how the watch had appreciated in value. She glanced over the ear rings and didn't say anything at first. This is the best part.....she wondered why you had an opal and a diamond mixed in with her emeralds and thought that maybe you had made a mistake with the picture. I didn't say anything, so she stuffed the appraisal back into the folder. She got a puzzled look on her face (because you've never made a mistake with any of our jewelry) and stood up, went back to the bedroom and opened up the case that held her emeralds and found the new earrings. She came back out to the kitchen with the biggest smile I've not seen in a while. She absolutely loved them!! All this time (the past month and a half), she was getting ticked off, because she thought I took the emeralds out of the case and locked them away. I didn't know she looked at them everyday. She kept looking for the key to get them out, but I stashed the key in the back of a drawer so she wouldn't find it easily. Bottom line, she couldn't sleep that night because she kept looking at them and I had to recount the whole story surrounding it, including the 6 months of working with you to design it. She wears them everyday and has received quite a few unsolicited complements about them. It's amazing how much they sparkle even when she isn't moving her head. So, she has them and they definitely wowed her. I can't thank you (and your Mom for her impeccable taste and input) enough for your help in pulling this off. It was worth every moment and penny. Thanks again for all your efforts! Mark
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Linda Burns
I can't stop looking at this ring!! Thank you so very much for your care, creativity and professionalism. As you know these rings mean a great deal to me and I was apprehensive about doing anything with them. I can't thank you enough - I will be back after the holidays with another piece or two. Happy Holidays to you & your family and best wishes for a bright, healthy and prosperous New Year.
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Dan Bryson
Tim, I wanted to thank you for the ring I recently purchased. It was exactly what I hoped for, and it helped make my engagement the day I always wanted. You and your staff were all very helpful. Your timeliness, professionalism, and quality was much appreciated. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks Again.
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Pam & Frank
Dear Tim, We hope you, your family & staff have a wonderful holiday season. I have been showing my ring to my friends and family and telling them what a good experience I had and how helpful you were in helping me to select "just the right setting" for my gems. Every time I look at my ring it makes me smile!! Thanks again for your help! Respectfully, Pam & Frank
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Kelly Werner
Dear Mr. Reffner, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful ring you helped us create. It is everything I wanted & more. Thank you again for everything! Sincerely, Kelly Werner
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Lindsey Owens
The ring is beautiful! Kenny told me how you thought it was "off" a little and you had to fix it... We're both perfectionists and we appreciate the time and effort you put in to this ring to make it a quality piece of jewelry. And I can't say enough about the diamond. I've never seen so many rainbows in my life! Thank you so much. We'll be in to get in cleaned soon and you'll see the smiles of joy on our faces. Happy Easter. Lindsey
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Robby Okonak
Tim, I would like to thank you for taking care of making Andrea's engagement ring. You truly mad an important event in my life special with your remarkable work! Thanks Again. Robby
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Ken Sowers
Thank you for the wonderful job you did preparing the ring. I appreciate the time you put in to finding the "right" diamond and all the hard work making it look beautiful. Honesty is a very important quality and I believe you were honest throughout the entire process; you are a very respectable and honest individual. She said "Yes" and fell in love with the ring the moment she saw it. Thank you again for everything you did in contributing to making our dream a reality. Ken Sowers
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Cari & Aaron
Thank you so much for helping Aaron and I pick an engagement ring and wedding bands. We had a wonderful time, and both received an eduacation! It was an experience we'll always treasure! Thanks again! Sincerely, Cari & Aaron
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Nancy Jones
You absolutely MADE my wedding. The rings were more than perfect and everyone at your company made me feel so special. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'll be back.
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